New Year’s Eve is always a new beginning, full of expectations, goals, purposes, and plans. We begin 2023 with illusion and optimism, the same that inspired our first collection of the year. Yellow was the protagonist representing the positive energy we seek to transmit.

We used a warm palette, with earthy and neutral shades, timelessly complementing our collection to get back to routine, be part of the day to day of the people that represent us and be able to enjoy the little details in life.

Our crop tops are created as a basic for every day, including the “Twist” trend for a dynamic and
different touch next to our “must-haves” for this year: Cargo jeans and parachute pants.


We try to connect everything we dream as a team through analog videos and pictures, using those
feelings that inspire us as a muse for this collection.


Dressing is communicating
without speaking. We truly believe that people can identify themselves with the energy they want to transmit. We look for a space we can use to create, open to hundreds of possibilities, in which each person complements the others’ “One Half” of the story.