In today’s society we are becoming more aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and reduce the impact we produce on it. One way to do it is with a proper care of our clothes to extend their lifetime to the maximum possible time.

Here we have 10 tips that will help you keep those special garments flawless.

1. Avoid the use of special detergents. These may have a big impact for the environment. They may contain bleachers and abrasives and may also produce important changes in your garments’ colors, even in those with light colors.

2. Use cold water to wash. Hot water may affect the fibers shrinking the clothes.

3. Avoid the use of clamps for hanging to dry. This may cause deformations and marks on the garment. Instead, we recommend you use a hanger and let it dry naturally, preferably under the shadow to avoid damages caused by the sun.

4. It is important to avoid direct ironing, especially on delicate fabrics. If you need to iron the garment, use low temperature and with the garment inside out, using a fabric or towel in between to avoid direct contact of the heat with it.

5. Avoid the use of softeners, these produce a layer of grease that is not good with neither your clothes nor the environment. They are not compatible with the synthetic fibers used to make sportswear because of the waxed layer to block the absorption of humidity. Softeners cause the fabric to easily get specks with the contact with other surfaces and makes it difficult to remove smells and stains.

6. Washing the garments inside out may protect the colors and avoid them to wear out quickl

7. Avoid the use of accessories that may touch or get entangled in the garment as it may produce specks, draw threads, or even rip the garment.

8. To keep your woven garments in good condition, we recommend handwash, air dry on flat surfaces, avoid ironing and store folded so the fabric does not stretch or deform.

9. To keep your clothes dyed or with laundry processes, such as sportswear, jeans, denim jackets, among others, it is important to wash them separately from other clothes, handwash and using cold water. Don’t use bleachers, softeners, or special detergents. Then air dry them and, in the shadow, avoiding direct contact with the sun light. It may cause damage in the colors.

10. To adequately store your clothes, we recommend using fabric storage bags or covers that protect them from dust and bugs, and thus prevent them from damaging your shirts and/or cotton shirts.

By following these basic cares, you can improve the lifetime of your garments and keep them in good condition. Next time you wash your clothes, remember these tips so you can enjoy them for a longer time.

The other half of the story of your clothes is yours.