Shipping Policy - One Half

Shipping Policy

 “Products” shipping will be performed only during working days.

Shipments to Medellin, metropolitan area or nationwide:

For shipments to Medellin, delivery time is approximately 1 to 7 working days; for other municipalities, delivery times are between 2 to 15 working days, according to the destination. Deliveries are not done at an exact schedule and must have a precise and safe address, such as a home or office address.

Delivery time start counting from the payment confirmation moment and may be affected by reasons of force majeure, as the municipality where the Costumer is located or the time in which the order was placed.

Nevertheless, the estimated time of delivery in which most shipments are completed are the following:

For Medellin, Envigado, Sabaneta, Itagui, and Bello, with standard shipping: up to 2 working days.

Other national destinations with standard shipping: up to 7 working days counting from the first working day after the payment confirmation.

In the case of a return of an order by the company due to impossibility to deliver in cases attributable to the User, the costs generated for a new delivery shall be assumed by him, or otherwise, the User can also pick up the order at the facilities of La Vie Colombia S.A.S.


International Shipping

Shipments to countries other than Colombia are subject to the conditions and services provided by FedEx. Times, costs and import rates in the country of destination shall be assumed by the Costumer, and in the case of requiring further information regarding the country of destination, times, costs, and international shipping rates by FedEx, you can find them Here. In any case, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. shall provide information related to costs in accordance with the address of destination entered by the Costumer, and this acquire only the obligation of delivering the Product properly packed to FedEx in maximum one working day after the payment confirmation, moment from which a transportation contract is generated, and custody is transferred to FedEx.


Policy of Changes and Returns

Through the platform, the Costumer purchases directly La Vie Colombia S.A.S. products. Therefore, if the Costumer wants to make a change, return the product, or present a complaint regarding quality, suitability, security, and the condition of the purchased good, it must be issued directly to La Vie Colombia S.A.S. through the platform in accordance with the following conditions and procedures:


Procedure: The Costumer must:

  1. Verify if the desired product is available in the size and color. Changes can only be made for products with the same price as the one initially purchased. In the event of a change for a product with a higher price, the costumer must pay the difference.
  2. Make the request of change/refund and send it to the notifications email:, or through WhatsApp message or Instagram direct.
  3. Send the acquired product to the following address in Medellin: Calle 15 #34 – 1, Building C34, Office 401, to One Half, where the condition of the product will be verified. This must be sent with labels and tags, clean, unused and in perfect conditions (original packaging). If the product does not comply with the conditions to be changed, the Customer will be informed via email, phone call, WhatsApp message, or Instagram direct, specifying the reason for which the change will not be performed, and the product will be returned to the initial delivery address.
  4. For costumers located in Medellin, Envigado, Itagui, La Estrella, Caldas, Sabaneta, and Bello, the customer will have the possibility to pay for a pickup service for the garment (s) to be changed or pick it up and deliver it without an additional shipping cost at the showroom located at Calle 15 #35 – 1, Building C34, Office 401. For national shipments, the costumer must assume the return shipping cost and La Vie Colombia S.A.S. the new garment’s shipping (only applies for immediate changes, not for the use of balance in favor more than 3 days after having returned the garment). In addition, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. shall only assume up to two (2) shipments for national changes of the same order. From the third change, the customer must assume the cost of both shipments.
  5. For customers located in countries different than Colombia, shipping and import costs, as well as the shipping costs for a new product, shall be assumed completely by them. Otherwise, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. shall not be obliged to make the shipping of a new product.


  • Conditions

To change a product, this must be in perfect conditions, clean, unused, with tags and labels. Under any circumstance is permitted the change of personal use products (panties, thongs, or socks), jewelry, costume jewelry, personal care products and makeup.

The change of a product can be made up to thirty (30) days after receiving the order.

The product must be properly packed.

Product returning costs, including shipping, and returning costs shall not be refunded, unless a specific discount has been applied stating the opposite from which the costumer must have proof.

Discount products do not have change or return, except due to guarantee or quality problems, and shall not apply for a refund.


Refunds: In accordance with the right of withdrawal consigned by the Law 1480 article 47, the maximum term for a COSTUMER to exercise it, is five (5) working days from the date of delivery of the good. The Costumer shall return the product the same way and in the same conditions he received it and shall assume the transportation costs and other expenses related to its return. After the expiration of the period of five (5) days without having exercised the right of withdrawal, LA VIE COLOMBIA S.A.S. shall not be obliged to offer a refund but shall have the possibility to offer a change in the aforementioned conditions. In the cases a refund is announced, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. shall have a 30 calendar days period to make it from the day the right is exercised.

Likewise, the refund shall be done directly through the same platform the Costumer has made the payment, therefore, the Costumer must keep in mind the policies and times the payment platform takes to make the refund.


Warranty policy: The warranty period is 60 days for footwear and 30 days for clothing from the moment the Costumer receives the product. The conditions of the product will be verified by the Department of Quality and a response shall be provided within maximum 15 days. In the case the garment can be repaired, it shall be repaired, it not, the change will take place. If the failure is repeated, a change will take place at the Costumer’s choice.

Only in the case for warranty claims, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. shall assume the shipping costs both for sending and returning the product in the case of a change, as well as the shipping and import costs previously assumed by the costumers located in countries other than Colombia, prior verification, and confirmation of the validity of the guarantee offered by La Vie Colombia S.A.S.


Changes, returns and refunds are not accepted in the following cases:

  • If the garment presents signs of having been used such as make up signs, bad smell, stains, etc.
  • Underwear or socks. In this case it will only apply in the case of a manufacturing defect.
  • Improper washing of the garment. For example, tumble dry, high temperature washing, mix white or raw garments with color garments, drain the garment, etc. It is important to read the washing recommendations.
  • Improper use by the Costumer.


Garments availability: is normally updated with availability of stock, nevertheless, in some cases, a garment purchased by the customer may not be available. In these cases, we will get in touch with the costumer via email, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or phone call to notify and offer a possible solution.

Important: Discount products, Days without VAT or with special prices have no change nor refund.