Returns & Exchanges - One Half

Through The Platform, the user purchases the products directly to LA VIE COLOMBIA S.A.S, therefore, if the User wants to make a change, request a refund or put a complain about the quality, qualification, and/or the condition of the purchased products, it shall be issued directly with LA VIE COLOMBIA S.A.S through The Platform in compliance with the following procedures and conditions:


The User shall:

  • Validate if the product is available in the wanted size and color. Changes can only be carried out for products with equal price to the one initially acquired. Given the case The User wants a product with a higher price, the difference must be paid.
  • Send the refund/Exchange request to the following email:, or via WhatsApp or Instagram Direct.
  • The acquired product must be sent to the following address in Medellin: Calle 15 #35 - 1, office 401 building C34, addressed to One Half, where the condition of the product will be verified. The product must be sent with all the labels, clean, unused and in perfect conditions (original packaging). If the product does not comply with the Exchange conditions, the reasons why the product will not be changed will be informed to the User via email, phone call, WhatsApp message, or Instagram Direct and the product will be returned to the original delivery address.

For the clients located in Medellín, Envigado, Itagüí, La Estrella, Caldas, Sabaneta, and Bello, there will be an option to pay for picking up and delivering the garment (s) subject of exchange, or pick-up and deliver without any additional cost in the showroom located on calle 15 #35 - 1, office 401, building C34. For national shipments, the client shall assume the return shipping of the garment, and La Vie Colombia S.A.S shall assume the shipping of the exchanged garment (only applies for immediate changes, not for the use of balance in favor 3 days after having returned the garment). In addition, La Vie Colombia S.A.S will only assume up to two (2) national shipments for changes of a same order, from the third change, the client must assume the cost of both shipments.

For clients located in Countries different than Colombia, both the shipping and import costs, and the costs of sending the new product, must be completely assumed by them, otherwise, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. will not be obliged to send the new product.


  • To request the change of a product, it must be in perfect conditions, clean, unused and with all its labels. It won’t be allowed under any circumstance the change of garments of personal use (panties, thongs, or socks), jewelry, custom jewelry, personal care products, and make up.
  • The change of a product can be requested up to thirty (30) days after having received the order.
  • The product must be properly packed.
  •  Costs associated with returns, including transportation costs, both send and return shipping, will not be reimbursed, unless a specific promotion was applied stating the opposite which must be supported.

Discount products do not allow return or change except for a warranty request or quality problems. Refund does not apply.


According to the right of withdrawal enshrined by Law 1480 article 47, the maximum time for the user to exercise it is five (5) working days counting from the delivery of the good. The User must return the product using the same method and in the same conditions he received it. Transportation costs and other expenses entailed in the return of the product, must be assumed by the User. After the expiration of the five (5) days without using the withdrawal right, LA VIE COLOMBIA S.A.S will not offer a refund but will offer a change in the previously described conditions. In the case of a refund, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. will have a term of 30 calendar days to make the refund, from the moment the right is exercised.

Warranty policy:

The warranty term is 60 days for footwear and 30 days for clothing from the moment the User receives the product. The condition of the product will be verified by the quality control department and an answer shall be provided within a maximum of 15 days. Given the case the garment admits being fixed, it shall be repaired, if not, it shall be changed. If the failure is repeated, the change shall take place if requested by The User.

Only in the cases of warranty claims, La Vie Colombia S.A.S. will assume the shipping costs both when returning the product in the case of a change, as well as the shipping and import costs previously assumed by the clients located in Countries different than Colombia, previous verification, and confirmation of the validity of the warranty offered by La Vie Colombia S.A.S.

Changes and returns are not accepted in the following cases:

  • If the garment shows signs of use such as make up stains, odor, stains, etc.
  • In Underwear or socks it will only apply in the case of a manufacturing defect.
  • Inadequate washing of the garment. For example, using of dryer, high temperature washing, mix white or raw garments with color garments, wring the garment, etc. It is important to read the washing recommendations.
  • Misuse by the costumer.
  • Availability of the garments: is usually updated with the available stock, nevertheless, sometimes a garment a costumer has bought may not be available. For these cases, we will get in touch with the costumer via email, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, or phone call to notify and offer a possible solution.

Important: Products with discounts or special prices do not have change or devolution

Products sold in the day without VAT can be changed for products of the same reference with a different size or other reference (In this case, the price difference must be paid).