With “Make it easy”, we are looking to help you take decisions on what to wear on your day to day. Motivate you in the mornings to take some time for yourself and be there for you in every moment. We have designed athleisure wear to inspire a balance, freshness and ease with garments that will elevate your looks on every occasion.

We use trendy shades without losing the timeless concept which is essential in this edition. Green was the perfect option: “Celery Green”, a color inspiring freshness and a healthy living, next to “Forest Green”, our best seller. A stronger color, classic but sophisticated, easy to match. We understand this as “calmness”.

We picked a place to inspire this lifestyle, a timeless and minimalist space where we could dream about living our daily routine. An environment full of freshness and ease, allowing us to connect with the second part of this chapter …

Inspired on the minimalist culture, we brought timeless fabrics, handcrafted, and mainly based on the Boxy silhouette. A wide but elegant silhouette that is casual at the same time. It provides your looks with versatility. Ecru and black have been chosen to make it classic and easy to match. Perfect dresses for your working days and for the informal looks, a woven skirt, tees, and crop tops.

We combine our woven pieces with denim in 100% cotton, in which cargo jackets andwide leg jeans were protagonists of the outfits creating the key looks for the season. “Denim on Denim”.

#TheOtherHalf, our biggest motivation is to be the choice for your looks every morning and be there with you throughout the day.
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